Lockdown shopping solutions

I learned a lot this week, as you know Scotland is still in lockdown.  We are coping well with staying put and have been getting our local supermarket to deliver our groceries so have not missed being able to go into Inverness for shopping.  BUT, looking at the calendar we realised that our very dear friend Ian is going to have a big birthday soon – one of those with a  big 0.  Well normally, we would trundle off to Inverness and have a good scout around but that is obviously out of the question as all the interesting shops are shut.  A few years ago we went on holiday with them to Islay and had an interesting time visiting the distilleries there – there are quite a lot of them for a small island actually, fortunately, I don’t drink whisky so I was the designated driver.  Brainwave! Get Ian a nice bottle of Islay whisky!  Hmm, not the sort of thing that Tesco or Asda are going to specialise in so a quick internet search brought up an Inverness company “The Whisky Bear” https://www.thewhiskybear.co.uk/  What an interesting website showing their extensive and varied collection of whiskies, I saw 50 year old whiskies, Game of Thrones Whiskies, distilleries I had never even heard of and so much choice!  Much as we love our dear friend, he didn’t get the 1936 bottle, he did get a very nice rare Islay whisky which was sent direct by the Whisky Bear.

So why I am telling you this?  Well, whilst I was chatting to the very nice owner trying to source something suitable, she did say that whilst they mainly do mail order, my guests could pre-order a bottle of something a bit special and I could take it out to the cottage for them to enjoy when they arrive and have unpacked.  Now that’s something to look forward to when the lockdown is over and you can come back to Scotland and Dolphin View Cottage. Slàinte mhath!


Glenfarclas Distillery whisky stills


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