If you have any questions, the answer may be here, if not, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or via this link https://www.dolphinview.co/enquiries

Question:   What about the dreaded Scottish Midge?

Answer:      Because you are on the East Coast and near the sea, you will not be bothered by midges and can sit out in comfort. Inland and the West coast however the story is very different!

Question: How many dogs can I bring?

Answer:       It depends on the size of the dogs, I do not have any breed restrictions, but the living room is not huge so 4 newfoundlands for example would be very crowded!  I generally say up to 3 large dogs is fine, but please do contact me to discuss.

Question: Is there a charge to bring my dog(s)

Answer:         I do not charge for dogs, but please pass the vacuum cleaner around before you leave and clean up after your dogs so I can maintain this policy.

Question: How many does the cottage sleep?

Answer:         The cottage has one bedroom with a double bed in it.  There is also an IKEA chair bed in the living room, this folds out to a very comfortable single bed (linen provided). As it is in the living room then the person sleeping in there will be going to bed at the same time as everyone else, therefore it is not suitable for young children with an earlier bedtime.

Question:  What about the weather?

Answer:           Ardersier generally gets good weather, being at sea level you are not likely to be snowed in, sometimes however you may have a sea fret (mist) but heading inland you will soon escape the sea mist which generally soon burns off.  


Question: Is the cottage suitable for young children? 

Answer:          No.   I do not have child locks on any of the kitchen cabinets, or crockery for young children.  Also, there is a wood-burning stove in the living room which gets very hot.  It is fine for older children/teens who will enjoy the excellent WiFi!


Question: Is a car essential?

Answer:          Ardersier has a bus service with regular buses into Inverness and Nairn.  There are two good convenience shops in the village where you can get the essentials and the big supermarkets will deliver.  There is also a selection of eating places in Ardersier ranging from a cafe to hotel cuisine.  Once you are here, you can park up and enjoy a break from driving.


Question: Are there any additional charges?

Answer:            All electricity and linen is included in the cottage rental.  A basket of logs for the stove is also included to get you started.  Additional wood can be purchased but is readily available from petrol filling stations, HIS (Highland Industrial Supplies) and the agricultural garage a few doors up the road, plus local shops.  As mentioned earlier, there is no charge for up to three dogs or surcharges for electricity


Question: How do I see the dolphins?

Answer:             Dolphins are wild and unpredictable.  They are resident in the Moray Firth all the year-round, the best time to see them is on a rising tide - between an hour and two hours after the tide has turned and coming back in.  They are very active during the period between April and October, especially when the salmon are about - when there is too much food for them then they will play with it and be on the surface for longer.  For more information on dolphins please see my dolphin page More about dolphins


Question: How do I check this accommodation is genuine?

Answer:              Glad you asked that question, there is a lot of scam holiday properties out there and you do hear horror stories about people paying their money to turn up and find the property does not exist.  You need to check thoroughly, always look at reviews and make sure they are genuine,  my Trip Advisor reviews go back to 2012.  Also check to see if the property is listed on the relevant Tourist Information Board site, Visit England for English properties, Visit Scotland for Scottish properties, you can then if you wish book via the local tourist board website as booking direct does not cost either party any extra. Here is the Dolphin View Cottage entry on the Visit Scotland website.  https://www.visitscotland.com/info/accommodation/dolphin-view-cottage-ardersier-p951931?prodtypes=acco&loc=ardersier&locplace=&locprox=0&stay=&endDate=&r1a=2&r1children=0&r1infants=0&r1c=0&avail=off  Properties are only listed on the Tourist Information Board sites once they have been visited by a Tourist Board official.  it is not possible to add a property yourself, you can only update the information on the authorised listing.

Question: Can I book Dolphin View Cottage through an agency like Hoseasons, Booking. com or TripAdvisor?

Answer:              No.  When I purchased the cottage in 2011 it was with a big agency, the agency charged the previous owner 24% commission on bookings and also charged the person booking a commission fee.  Obviously, they have advertising fees to pay along with offices and staff costs to cover.  I removed the cottage from the agency and was therefore able to reduce my costs and thereby the prices for renting the cottage.  You can easily book direct through this website which is hosted by Promote my Place or through Visit Scotland as mentioned in the previous question, that way I can keep my prices low.

Question: How do I book the special offers?

Answer:               I have a number of special offers that unfortunately the system that hosts my website is not flexible enough to book direct, it cannot cope with the two free days on the 9 nights for the price of 7 or discounts for bringing your own linen or longer stays.  You can still book using the book now button and I will apply the discounts or free days at my end. 


Question: What about COVID-19 or Scottish Government restrictions?

Answer:               If travel is prohibited by the Scottish Government for any reason, then any monies paid will be refunded, so totally risk-free booking. 


Question: What if I have an accident/fall ill and need to cancel?

Answer:  Please, please, please take out travel insurance.  I cannot be your travel insurance, If you need to cancel let me know as soon as possible, I will try to resell your week, and if I can resell, I will refund your money less any additional costs such as paid advertising, discounts etc. Accidents and illnesses do happen even for domestic UK holidays, I have had guests break a leg prior to their holiday, test positive for Covid or had unexpected family emergencies. It is possible to take out cheap UK holiday insurance that covers such eventualities, you may even have cover from a packaged bank account that you can claim from.  Usually, I can resell a week given enough notice, sadly if it's just a few days before your holiday it may not be possible to fill your week.


Question: What is there to do locally?

Answer:              Within walking distance you can visit Fort George, it's well worth a visit and the cottage has a membership card that will get you into the Fort free of charge.  If you are a golfer, there is a lot of golf courses nearby, if you didn't bring your golf clubs there is a reasonable set of clubs and bag in the locked part of the garden shed.  There are beaches galore, lots of exciting wildlife to spot, if you don't want to drive there is a regular bus service to Inverness for a wander around the city, Culloden, Glen Affric and a circuit of Loch Ness makes for good days out. 

If you have any questions I have not covered, please do not hesitate to contact me, I am very happy to help.